Just An Entry to Some

12 July 2010
Pittsburg, KS
I met up with Aden a day and a half ago. He is the “Irishman from England” and has been riding for two years all across Europe, Turkey, Iran, Asia, and now the U.S. I would like to catch up to him but I am just not sure what I am going to do today. Yesterday was a 70 mile day. My legs are wasted and my back is pretty sore. I’ve noticed that if I keep it to no more than right around 50 miles then I am able to get up easier the next day. The other important aspect of keeping my miles low is keeping calorie use as low as possible. That is almost an impossibility but 20 less miles equals a whole lot less calories burned.
I am having a very hard time writing lately. It’s as if I just don’t give a damn. That is my feeling about quite a few things on this trip. It started in Chester, IL I think. They were nice people but it seemed to be more of a business opportunity then wanting to just help cyclists. I really want to run into someone again that is just interrested in being a good person without an alterior motive. I foresee Kansas being a hungry state. There do not seem to be many streams and lakes to fish.
12,13 July 2010
So I guess I met a couple that are just good people. I didn’t have to wait long it seems. I was just getting ready to leave Lincoln Park in Pittsburg, KS when I met Ryan and Megan. We said our hellos and had a good conversation. Ryan invited me out to their place if I wanted to go swimming and chill out for a bit. I really wanted to ride to Girard and take a nap so I could go night riding later on but the closer I rode toward their turn off, the hotter it became. I decided what the hell and called Ryan to double check the directions. It was a nice ride on somewhat loose gravel roads out there and then around the strip pit to their home. They live in a little community that was established by one man back in the 1960’s. There are old mining pits from the 1800’s that have filled with water and turned into ponds. The houses are all on the shoreline and have docks. The Red Fox Strip Pits is where I spent the next day and a half hanging out with some of the coolest and nicest people so far. Ryan is a psychology major and wants to specialize in counceling. While we were fishing and swimming at the dock, he made a kansas road runner lure for me and gave me a few small supplies to make more. Megan was in the army and spent some time in Iraq. She is now in school and pursueing an art major. She makes some very cool, earthy jewelry. I gave her a few fossils that would be perfect that I found in Kentucky. Ryan and Megan had some friends over and we all went swimming. They prepared and amazing meal. Shrimp Alfredo with stuffed mushrooms, and an amazing tasting balsamic salad with tomatoes, peppers, onions, pretty much everything I don’t normally like. I scraped the bowl. So after stuffing ourselves and good conversation, we all went swimming again. I was introduced to the dumbass tree but wasn’t able to swing from it because some kids stole the handle bars. However!!! Tonight before I headed out they took me to the magic school bus. One of the things that inspired me to do this, take this leap, this long journey inward, was the movie “Into The Wild”. Hence the magic school bus. It was dusk but we still had enough light to take pictures and for me to climb in and out of the windows and onto the roof, sit in what was left of the seat where a table once stood and close my eyes and imagine this bus in its hayday. You guys are awesome people. I will see you later. I am not sure when but you’re just a phone call away.


2 thoughts on “Just An Entry to Some

  1. Dave TranAm! Ryan from Kansas here, my father-in-law’s girlfriend was researching Red Fox Pits and found your blog. It’s great to read what you wrote about our experince, it’s one of our favorite memories here at the pit. Megan and I are married now, and just celebrated our first year anniversary in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I’m not sure how to get a hold of you but I have the photos that I took of you exploring the Magic School Bus. If we’re able to connect I can get those to you. Hope you read and enjoyed One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; that rode in my back pocket for all of a summer before I donated it to you. We’d also like to know if you made it to the west coast for your skydiving adventure. If you read this please get back to me at rjmacmurphy@gmail.com. You’ll recognize the handle from Cuckoo’s Nest- one of my top five favorite characters of all time. I hope this message finds you and finds you well. Please write back.

    -Ryan and Megan Johnson, your friends in Kansas

  2. Hello again man! I’ve been a bit self involved but I will contact you soon. Writing a bit again and ran across this page of awesome memories. The giant caterpillar, the amazingly awesome and just as horrible movie that spawned your naming of my bike, and your lures. Still got them with the rest of the amazing memories from that Journey. Talk to you soon man. I washed my phone and lost my numbers so I email you soon.

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