The Frustration of Misunderstanding

I’ve missed my window
The season I need
The moments that help me
The places that help feed the lion in my soul and set it free
Overwhelmed, under stimulated I do the only thing I can and drive
Racing towards the exhilaration of life
137 isn’t enough
Traction lights won’t stop blinking so I turned them off
No point looking in the rearview
My foot is always down ’cause that’s what I need to feel
…and calm the sounds
I will always be a blur to you even when I’m standing still
Why is it so confusing that I need to move faster than your world
The emotion drowns out the engine’s strain
The energy of my soul is to much for this machine
It is too much for all of you
Sometimes it is too much for me
What I need the vast majority does not understand
I’m not crazy
I’m a different kind of man
“Normal” is destroying what keeps me alive
It’s the fear of being “less than” that makes me strive
To go faster, climb higher, trying to create the space for a thousand million smiles
In order to change the world I need space for my mind
I have so much energy and not enough time
3 months disappear
The rest of you can’t comprehend the shortness of my year
It is frustrating having so little time to be me
I keep telling you who I am and what I need
I tire of speaking softly
Giving you the golden answer of how to harness the best of me
I tire of deaf ears
I tire of being caged throughout the years
I roar and I claw to escape your prison of stunted thought
Just do it our way
Just do what we say
Start being like us
Stop being who you are
Now it is my turn
My soul burns
With a passion beyond measure and vision that is beyond you
Open your eyes to this truth
You try to control what you do not understand
So now I stand…
I stand in defiance of your unquenchable thirst
More money
More possessions
Scrambling blindly to be first in a race you will never win
You speed towards your end with fists full of cash
Pushing aside and looking down upon those that would give their lives so others can have a second chance
Maybe its because you do not know what lies beyond
You haven’t died yet and experienced what its like when everything is gone
Think what you will…He’s unbalanced, unstable
The problem with that is I’ve seen what you have not
I’ve been to a plane where there is only soul and thought
I hope someday you will understand the people like me that have traveled beyond this land
I hope someday you will see what you can not touch before your end
As for me on this day of wind and rain
I scream through the turns-yelling, trying to will this machine faster through the straightaways
Pushing its limits until my soul finds peace
Accelerating on this razors edge until my mind is at ease

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